NPR 4500

NPR 4500NEN-EN 14175 and NPR 4500 (Dutch Practice Directive) provide the means to select, to demonstrate proper operation after installing the hood and right to demonstrate. Lasting proper operation over the useful

1) Type test
In accordance with NEN-EN 14175, a fume hood to be equipped with a type test for each type of fume hood, or a qualification per fume hood. labSC care if desired type of test or qualification test for your fume hood according to NEN-EN 14175.

2) Select your hood
Selection of the appropriate hood based on, among other safety and performance as defined in the type test report (recorded content in the NEN-EN 14175-3 section 10).

3) Control of the fume cupboard supplied (commissioning) Table NPR4500 control
Determine that the fume cupboard supplied corresponds to the desired and certified fume hood, that the set air corresponding to the specifications and that the environmental conditions have no adverse effect on the operation of the fume hood with the aid of the test and / or controls in the following table from the NPR 4500.

For fume cupboards which a type test report is available, can not be determined whether the hood supplied matches the desired and certified fume hood. Accordance with BS EN 14175 By means of a qualification by location, a specific still certified fume hood.

4) Routine testing of fume cupboards
Establishing that hood is still in the same condition as delivered (or previous audit and inspection), the set air corresponds to the specifications and that environmental factors do not adversely affect the functioning of the fume cupboard.