For the user, the safety of fume cupboards of great importance. For example, the placement, the use alone or in combination with other fume cupboards into the same air handling riser can affect the stability of the flow, and hence the capacity to hold. Harmful constituents within This can be checked by measuring.

The proof of correct operation even during installation and during use is an essential point for statutory risk assessments or workplace, which, according to the health and safety guidelines including any mandatory employer and employee.

The air flow control, which should be carried out, require applicable and normalized measuring method, which can be used where needed. These measurements are carried out The team labSC is equipped and able to perform this test follow the following standards / regulations:

· BS EN 14175/4500 NPR
· ASHRAE 110 of the USA
· Customer Specification
· DIN 12 924 Part 1 of Germany
· BS 7258 Part 1 and Part 4 of England
· NF-XPX 15-203 and 15-210 of France
· DS 457 from Denmark